Zetor is a brand of tractors, trademark and Czech manufacturer based in Brno, Líšeň. The company manufactures farming tractors and tractor components. Zetor is the world’s first manufacturer to develop and launch production of tractor safety cabins.

In the 70 year-long histories, it has sold over 1.3 million tractors. Zetor portfolio includes six model ranges with power from 40 to 160 hp. Simple to operate with a powerful engine is what it manufactures the models.

It has been designed with roomy and comfortable cab with minimum noise. Low maintenance and operating costs. Construction of Zetor tractors has been adapted accordingly – they are robust, heavyweight tractors.

Due to very good parameters, they are appreciated as hard workers and excellent value for money, so you can go through all the models of Zetor Tractors here that holds specifications, features and price list too.

The models might have some variations or modifications if changes are made by the company. Zetor brand provides competitive products, advanced technology and smart solutions for the present and future needs of farmers and industrial contractors worldwide, relying on these components each tractor specifications are specified hereby on this site.