Standard Tractors Models, Price & Specifications 2020

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Since inception in 1975, the company started manufacturing of Harvesters and the sibling company subsequently started manufacturing of Standard Tractors and was registered in 1990.

From last many years manufactured from the small production company to one of the leading manufacturers of Harvesters i.e. Self-propelled, Tractor Driven, Tractors (35HP-75HP), Hydraulic Mobile Crane(9T-20T) and Straw Chopper with a wide range of models and other agricultural implements.

The Standard company provides customers with outstanding products and support, meeting their expectations. Quality products and quality service is the only thing the company truly has to offer for complete customer satisfaction.

Depending on the changing environment and demand of the customers the details of the tractor with its specification and price list are mentioned in this site.

The company meets the highest quality standards and guarantees the quality of excellent products.

Hereby the list of tractors can be defined as innovative, practical and top quality products which you can select by your choice and requirements.

Available Models


Standard DI 335


Standard DI 345


Standard DI 355


Standard DI 450


Standard DI 460


Standard DI 475