Sonalika DI 734 Prices, Specs 2024

Sonalika / Normal Tractor

Sonalika DI 734 Price Specification

Sonalika DI 734 Tractor Model Engine

Aircleaner: Oil Bath with Pre Cleaner
Fuel tank capacity: 55 Ltr
HP Category: 34 HP Category
Make: International Tractor Limited
No. of Cylinders: 3
Rated rpm: 2000

Sonalika DI 734 Tractor Model Overview

Welcome Buyers, Do you want to know about the Sonalika DI 730 Tractor price in India 2020? or Sonalika DI 730 Specifications, Mileage then here you will get that all kinds of details, which you need to know about it. 

Sonalika DI 734 Tractor comes with 3-cylinder 34 HP powerful and efficient engine at Rated RPM 2000.  It is featured with sliding mesh transmission with side shift 8 forward and 2 reverse gears which provides various speed selections for multiple applications.  It comes with a deluxe seat, mechanical steering, digital instrument cluster for operator comfort.

Sonalika DI 730 Tractor best in class features such as 34 HP Category, Diesel Saver Unit (Optional), PTO: 540, Dry Disc Brakes, 1 SA DCV Suitable for tipping trailer operation and Diesel Saver Unit. Its application includes Rotavation, Cultivation, Threshing, and Haulage.

Sonalika DI 734 Tractor Model transmission

Clutch: Single Clutch
No. of Gears: 8F+2R
PTO: 540
Steering : Mechanical
Transmission type: Sliding Mesh

Sonalika DI 734 Tractor Model hydraulic

Lift capacity: 1200 Kg

Sonalika DI 734 Tractor Model Power Take-Off (PTO)

PTO: 540

Sonalika DI 734 Tractor Model dimentions

Front tyres: 6.0x16
Rear tyres: 12.4 x 28

Sonalika DI 734 Tractor Model brake

Brakes: Dry Disc brakes (Optnl : OIB)